Mortgage Process For Canadian Citizens Buying a Home in Arizona

If you’re Canadian citizen buying an Arizona home or in the United States, understanding the Mortgage process for Canadian Citizens buying a home in Arizona will help make it a smooth transaction. The more you know about it, the easier it will be. Step 1 – Applying for a  U.S. Mortgage Loan The process can […]

In Tougher New Mortgage Reality, Preparation Is Key

All you needed was a pulse In the not-so-distant past, that’s practically all it took to qualify for a mortgage. Now an exhaustive array of paperwork awaits potential borrowers. Preparation Is Key Call it the new mortgage reality.  Lenders that got burned when the housing market collapsed are taking extra steps to protect themselves and […]

What Qualifies As Income When Applying For A Mortgage?

As lenders we get asked questions often from real estate professionals and of course consumers seeking a mortgage loan. The following is a question I received in regards to finding out other options a buyer had and what qualifies as income when applying for a mortgage loan. Question: I am panicked!  My client retired in […]

Can I Buy A Home After A Short Sale? My Arizona Home Sold, Now I Want to Buy Another…

Question: I sold my Arizona home as a short sale and now want to purchase another Phoenix home.  What are my options? Answer: Fannie Mae or conventional loans up to $417,000 has finally addressed the issue of buying after a short sale. The  following guidelines are effective after July 1, 2010: Two year wait with […]

What determines the mortgage interest rates?

What determines the mortgage interest rates and why are they going up? I’ll try to explain it without everyone crossing their eyes. So here it goes: Mortgages remain outstanding on average about 10 to 12 years, so rates on 30-year mortgages tend to track the yields on 10-year Treasury notes. The Feds hold weekly treasury auctions […]

Have FHA Loans Become The New Subprime?

Have FHA loans become the new subprime?

Free Government Money When Buying A Foreclosed Home

If you have been excited about the 8000 tax credit, thinking it is a great reason to buy a new home – you are right. But now there is something even better – even more money – if you agree to buy a foreclosed home, meet a few financial requirements and agree to attend 8 […]

Monetizing 8000 Tax Credit: Is Anyone Doing It?

Many people are now aware that there is an 8000 tax credit available from the US government for first time home buyers. There are also quite a few people that are aware of FHA’s announcement that you can now “monetize” the 8000 tax credit at closing with the help of a lender or another approved […]

HUD Now Allows You To Use 8000 Tax Credit For Closing Costs

FHA will now allow you to use the 8000 tax credit for closing costs and has issued an official mortgagee letter outlining the rules to do so.

HVCC: What Is That?

Something called the Home Valuation Code of Conduct went into effect on May 1 and the impact of the new HVCC rules are starting to be felt by everyone. The new HVCC rules mean that the loan officer who is working on your loan no longer orders the appraisal on your home – it is […]