Monetizing 8000 Tax Credit: Is Anyone Doing It?

Many people are now aware that there is an 8000 tax credit available from the US government for first time home buyers. There are also quite a few people that are aware of FHA’s announcement that you can now “monetize” the 8000 tax credit at closing with the help of a lender or another approved organization who will “loan” you the money and get paid back when you get the tax credit from the IRS.

BoyLooking_1 What many people don’t know is that it can be somewhat tricky to find a lender who is actually helping people monetize the tax credit to use at closing.

Notice that I didn’t say impossible — just tricky.

So tricky, in fact — that I am actually not aware of a lender in Arizona who is currently helping people monetize the 8000 tax credit. That doesn’t mean that someone isn’t doing it — just that I am not aware of any.

But there are many people who need help monetizing the 8000 tax credit, so if you are a lender and happen to be reading this — now is your time to shine! Simply drop a comment with your contact information here and we will be sure to spread the word.

And if you are a person who is interested in how to monetize the 8000 tax credit, be sure to check back here to find out who is doing it and can help you!

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